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Oxalis Corniculata




~ Roots and root-like structures


Bulbs are most common and can be simple or compound.
Simple bulbs are characterized by having a few bulbils attached to the mother bulb, while Compound bulbs have many.



Can either be Scaly, seen for example in Triangularis,

or Compact woody like, seen in Ariculata species or Oxalis Adenophylla.


Tubers are potato like and very small.

They are found in the species that can be eaten; oxalis tuberosa.


Oxalis with roots are regarded as subshrubs, and therefore does not have a dormant period.

However, apparently, they can shed their leaves for a few weeks,

or just die and grow as new from the seeds they shed.


A few examples of oxalis with roots are;

Rio de Janeiro, the succulent species as Oxalis Ortgiesii and Oxalis Corniculata.


Stated as;
Oxalis Acetosella var. coerulea DC Flora Danica

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