~ Leaflet Arrangement

Oxalis consist of leaflets , which are divisions of a compound leaf.

The number of leaflets are often 3 but can vary from 1 to 22.

Most leaflets close at night or when there is too much sun or wind.


The shape can be;

Heart shape , palmate , odd pinate or lanceolate arranged in a whorl/spiral pattern.


The leaflets can be;

Alternate, Cauline, Basal, often almost sessile, long petiolated or have stipules.

  • Alternate. Alternate leaves are arranged along the stems with only one leaf at each joint.

  • Cauline. Cauline leaves, have stalks/petioles that are attached on the above ground stem.

  • Sessile. Sessile leaves are unstalked, however in oxalis they are only almost unstalked. 

  • Petioles. Petioles are leaf stalks that either are attached to the stem or originate directly from bulbs or rhizomes. See also under cauline and basal leaves.

  • Stipules. Stipules are, in oxalidaceae, little outgrowths of hair located on the petioles.


Caulescent species are oxalis that have above-ground stems. In this page you will find Summer growing and Winter growing oxalis.

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