Storing Your Oxalis Bulbs

Some collectors remove the bulbs from the pots and store them in
small paper - plastic bags or small nets.


While others, myself included, let the bulbs stay in the pots,
but they should always be stored in a cool dry place.

Oxalis Triangularis species should never be stored without soil.
They go soft within a few day, and finely just dry up.

Well that is about it, as you can se growing oxalis is mostly all about trial and error,
giving you lots of delicious brain exercise.

Have great fun growing these magnificent plants.








~ Oxalis Dormancy

Giving them a rest

Except from the evergreen woodlands spicies, as Oxalis oregana, oxalis with bulbs, rhizomes and tubers should have a dormant period as a lack of dormancy can cause stress resulting in bulb and flower failure.

When to start the rest

Summer growers should have a dormant period in winter, whereas winter growers should have it in the summer. Very obvious isn’t it, but oxalis will often let you know when it is ready to go dormant, as they overlap eachothers growing season.

The oxalis is ready to go dorment when it looks real sorry for it self, no matter what you do. But be sure it does not look sad because it is lacking water or it´s over-watered.

To start the dormant period, make sure that your oxalis looks poorly, for the right reasson, gradually water less and stop completely after a few weeks.



* The summer growers

As I live in a cold area, the summer growing oxalis must be taken in before the danger of frost. But if they were allowed to go dormant from mid-late October to mid April, it would be to long a period and the bulbs would probably dry up completely.

When they are collected in autumn they remain in their pots, placed by the window, and watered till February. Etiolation does accord to most of them, however the aim is not to look pretty, but to survive.

* The winter growers:

Regarding the winter growers dormant period, they are of a lesser problem here, as they often continue growing well into July, and start to grow in August - September.

If a winter growing oxalis has decided to go dormant earlier, it is put in the basement, and once in a while given bit of water. Not too much, just sufficient for it not to break dormancy, and just enough to prevent the bulbs from drying out.


How long a dormancy should they have?

Well what can I say, it depends on various factors

* How small the bulbs are, the smaller they are, the faster the bulb can dry up completely


* If they start sprouting by them self, they should be planted and watered at once

* Were they are placed during dormancy, if it is to  warm they can have difficulty surving for to long

* Compact woody like rhizomes, seems to be more delicate than bulbs, tubers or scaly rhizomes.To long a rest has resulted in a dead dry oxalis, why they now only have a short  periode of a month or so.
The self-sowed Oxalis articulata in the garden, stays evergreen even during a hard winter. Maybe a rest is not that essential? Will do some investigation regarding this.


Yes I know, this is not an exact answer  ♥
Remember that oxalis have a life of their own, and growing them away from their natural surrounding.... makes it a bit more delicate.

But are you really hocked, wich I hope you are, try to investigate what your oxalis natural habitat is.

      Thanks heavens for the internet!



~ * ~

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